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ActiSync Series

One of a Kind Bed, for Every Kind of Sleeper

The ActiSync Series of luxury mattresses are built with our state of the art ActiSync Air Suspension Spring System, which gives you the right support and supreme level of comfort regardless of your age, gender, size or shape. Together with a collection of premium materials and an ultra luxurious finish, this is your ultimate bed for a perfect night's sleep.






The ActiSync Air Suspension Spring System

The ActiSync Collection of mattresses feature the unique, dual action ActiSync pocket spring support system designed to provide complete and tailored support at all times whilst minimising partner disturbance. Patented worldwide, this unique spring system consists of arrays of one long and two short springs paired together, heavier weight and pressure will trigger the air suspended spring into action, which will seamlessly provide extra support, while lighter weight and pressure will only be responded by the standard pocket springs. As a result, all body types and weights will find the “Just Right” support through the surface of the mattress - Genius!

Air Suspended Springs (Blue) in action responding to heavier weight/pressure

Lighter weight and pressure are resisted by standard pocket spring unit (white) only

The XpressCool Gel Infused Memory Foam

The ActiSync Series features a layer of XpressCool Gel Infused Memory Foam, designed to wick away heat and keep you cool through the night while conforming to your body shape and minimising any partner disturbance.

The UltraLux Fabric

Our UltraLux Belgium fabrics from BekaertDeslee are quilted to the top penal to provide the ActiSync range of mattresses with the ultimate softness, breathability and a silky smooth touch.

Find Your ActiSync

The ActiSync range is available in two models - the PINNACLE and the HALLMARK, both built with the ActiSync Spring System and finished to the highest quality standard.  The HALLMARK features an extra layer of mini-coil pocket spring and a range of ultra-luxurious materials, it is also crafted and tufted by hand, giving it an ultimate touch of luxury.


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